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Okay, I assume must of you aren't really familiar in terms of my personal game project called Project DragonBlossom. If you could take a moment and listen to what I have to say, let me explain everything to you.

The origin (or beginning) of this project began late December of last year into January of this year. It came to be because of a fellow indie game, namely called Freedom Planet, was out in the public; I caught wind of this in MegaGWolf's Sonic Showcase series when I was merely exploring the internet to get some amusement. I was blown at how the graphics are and such and there's where I went into research mode, looking up different stuff lying around. This is where I came to approach the game project of mine's as being heavily involved with the subject of mythology, namely Eastern mythology, which I know, has been done to death on games such as Okami and anything else. However, I wanted to take a shot at it with my hand in creativity and so it began something anew. Still to this day, I am filled with burning determination to get this done; to make it possible and that's saying something.

It's been a millenia has since the Ancient Beings and the Great Hero has established peace within the lands after stopping a war that was being lead by a mysterious evil to conquer the world. Once defeated, this evil was sealed away, never to return to threaten the lands. In this time of peace, enough was done to establish the grounds for the four kingdoms which all have Leaders, however the High Prince was crowned as an absolute ruler to keep the Kingdoms in check. Over time, despite of being beaten, the evil grew until the time of it's revival and from this, it threatens the lands once more. Worse of all, it throws enough havoc to have the Solsai Kingdom press threats of war against the other Kingdoms and blaming the High Prince for his inability to stop such an incident. To make matters worse, strange happenings have been sighted around all over the kingdoms and in a strange twist of Fate, it's all up to a youth and her allies to save the kingdoms from going to war against each other and stop the evil before it's too late.

Like Freedom Planet, this project is meant to be an action-adventure platformer, but not just that. There are elements of RPG, Puzzle and even combat (ala Kingdom Hearts) inside which means you guessed it, general puzzle solving and level systems are involved and with that being a case, there's going to be skills unlocked and secrets unvealed.

That's why we need some backup spriters that can do amazing things with the effects and characters in terms of not only attacks, but other things as well.

Now, what's a game without gimmicks? Come on now. We can't have any gimmicks whatsoever, however I can tell you this. Gimmicks will be borrowed from games such as Sonic, Donkey Kong Country and others. However, there has to be a balance on the terms of having too much or too little and as a project, we need to be just right.

I have already created a gimmick that would be of something unique, but it's a work-in-progress.

Before we move on, yes, all characters will be able to swim (with the exception of one), grab-onto grapnels, roll, attack, defend and other basic things, it's just these gameplay mechanics that I am about to mention, will separate each other from having the same gameplay mechanics.

Now, since we are entering about what's unique about each character, there will be about four to five different gameplay mechanics;I will listed them now.

* Ayasuka will have great speed, however don't be expecting her to be fast as a certain blue hedgehog anytime soon; not even Lilac is that fast. Since Ayasuka is a monkey, she will be able to climb vines (ala from the DKC series), be able to wall jump, rebound herself with her tail if she was being attacked on the vines by enemies, even being able to rapidly jump from different treebranches and swing herself into the next target branch as well as cling and climb onto moss covered walls. Did I mention that she can ride on runaway barrels (ala the DKC series) and steal enemy's weapons and/or items and can choose to keep or attack them with it? Yeah.

* Ukiagi, like Ayasuka, will have speed, but it easily surpass Ayasuka's, because of one reason, rabbits are natural speedsters. Besides that, she's basically the projectile type, notably known for her kunai and shurikens. Certain ropeways will be accessible to her to walk across on, she can jump far across gaps, her fast and agile jumping is limited by jump panels, she can wall run on certain places and can happen to easily use stealth to hide within her surroundings and/or disguise herself to surpass tough situations.

* Tadao is mostly different from the other two; however, his abilities are more tied to using his energy. He can easily sense enemies by vibration pulses given off from either the ground or his surroundings, find hidden passageways and in general, he can project aer-based attacks and barriers that would allow him to destroy and/or mow down enemies and obstacles in his way (thing is it'll use up his energy and he'll need to go to the nearest crystal statue to recover that lost energy.) He is easily known as the slowest of the group, but his defense, man is it tough!

* Michio is the swordsman of the group. With his twin swords, he can cut through enemies and certain blockages with no problem. His speed is average, but it's a close par to Ukiagi's. He has great strength with using his swords and unlike Ukiagi, who can run up walls, he can basically climb up rock-covered walls with no issue. This guy is combat heavy, especially when he attacks with his swords.

Boy, what a mouth full, however, if this is to be convincing you folks to help, it's worth it. Oh and another thing, the fifth gameplay.. there is one, however, we're holding it off until we can get a demo up and a Kickstarter going, so.. there might be a chance you'll see it. ;)

Yes, there are those abilities around and there is a total of FOUR of them: Wind, Earth, Fire and Water. How they will enhance each character will result in the following;

Wind: Increases General Speed, grants user relevant elemental ability; CANNOT learn Earth, Water and Fire; can co-operate with Water

Earth: Increases General Defense, grants user relevant elemental ability; CANNOT learn Wind, Water and Fire; can co-operate with Fire

Fire: Increases General Offense, grants user relevant elemental ability; CANNOT learn Water, Wind and Earth; can co-operate with Earth

Water: Increases Special, grants user relevant elemental ability; CANNOT learn Fire, Wind and Earth; can co-operate with Wind

They will also grant the character with skill sets according to their element, however the only thing is: they can't use their said elemental skill sets in the platforming sections, only within the combat areas in the game. However, to add, there will be use of health, energy and Special Bars involved.

If you feel convinced to help, this would be an excellent opportunity, but..there are specific positions up currently.

Just send in this nice and neat application in a note titled "APP: PROJECT DRAGONBLOSSOM - (INSERT POSITION NAME HERE)"

Why Are You Interested In This Project? (Explain)
Position of Interest(s): (What are you good at?)
Experience: (How long have you been doing this?)
Commercial or Noncommercial: (If you are commercial, I'll try to find a way to pay you off later since I don't have the money as of current.)
Rate Per Hour: (If Commercial)
Contact Address: (E-mail, Blog, just provide something.)

Backup Spriters (mainly with characters/background objects), Level Designers, Enemy Art Concept, Enemy Art Spriters, Backup Musicians (2 at most) and Level Concept Artists [Look to this as the current update for the HELP WANTED, not the thread's.]

Opening Soon
Programmers and Voice Actors/Actresses

Check here for the gallery folder. => Project DragonBlossom Concept Gallery
And even here! => Project DragonBlossom (SFGHQ Thread)

Tsuki Forest Phase 1 (Short Preview)
Tsuki Forest Phase 1 (Preview #2 Variation) (Both made by SilverPoyoco of Newgrounds)

Great sources of information, references and even updates. ^_^

And here's one I'm rather proud of: ommission___ayasuka_and_ryota_by_blueswirl-d5vu4 i1.jpg
(Property of BlueSwirl: for concept to the project.)

Well, that's all for now. Thank you and have a nice day!~